I do a few jobs and maintain a few websites.

That means that I do a lot of research and find out a lot of things.

I find lateral and diverse solutions to the issues that I need to solve.

This is where I write it down. You're welcome to read it.

Latest Blog Posts

WordPress Update Problems

If you have a wordpress website then you already know that it simplifies a lot of things. When it is working OK then it works a lot like a wordprocessor and it lets you concentrate on writing content and not getting caught up in the nuts and bolts of HTML and PHP and the like. […]

Sync is my new Dropbox

It’s like this. Dropbox is a great way of sharing data between your pcs and laptops. For a lot of jobs it means that you can work on one machine drop things in the shared folder and it turns up magically on the other machine. And the likes of Dropbox do it all for free. […]

How to set up Sync on Q4OS using WINE

I described changing from Dropbox to Sync in another article. In brief I had to change to using Sync for exchanging data between my PCs. Sync is Windows and Mac based but I have a netbook that runs Linux in the form of Q4OS and they don’t have a native linux install but they do […]

Q4OS another step forwards

I started with Q4os a while ago and it’s pretty good as things go but some things are a bit of an uphill struggle. Not really because it’s hard but because it’s not what I’m used to. I wanted to get the Chrome browser to start up on power up, I know it’s sad, and […]

My Microphone Sound Input has Disappeared on Windows 10

It happened again, the aliens have invaded my system and my microphone sound input has disappeared on Windows 10. Well OK, not aliens, it was Microsoft. One of my machines, the one that I do most sound recording on, just stopped recording from a microphone! It’s a windows 10 machine and one of the microphones […]

Q4OS First Tentative Steps

This article is not an in depth review of Q4OS, it’s more of a tale of my first weeks using it. It’s a user in transition story about a dyed in the wool Windows user changing to a Linux based operating system. If you are considering trying or switching to Q4OS or another Linux distribution […]

Neverwhere Cloudready, Create a Chromebook

  I bought an acer aspire v5 122-p for my daughter to go to university with. It’s a nice size, runs reasonably well on its battery, although never quite runs to the initial predictions of battery monitoring software. It feels good with the touch screen. It worked reasonably well for a couple of years, but […]

Garmin Drive 51 Route Planning

I bought a Garmin Drive 51 LMT – S. I have resisted sat navs for so long that it’s become a habit, you see a road atlas doesn’t need batteries and doesn’t go wrong. However my co-pilot is starting to feel poorly while reading and moving so we needed a solution, and these were on […]

GDPR Explosion

GDPR has been in the wings for a while. But most businesses and websites have waited until the last minute to do something about it. Me too! I started with finding out what is what. Here’s a potted unofficial version of GDPR. You should only keep information that is necessary as per existing data privacy. […]

A Multi Skilled World

sysf.co.uk has at last updated the website. New website, new outlook. I took time out to rework the website because the old one was not accurate any more. System-F limited is no more. Retraining to provide hypnotherapy and other therapy services. Using development skills to create websites to help other therapists, and all sort of […]
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