How to set up Sync on Q4OS using WINE

I described changing from Dropbox to Sync in another article. In brief I had to change to using Sync for exchanging data between my PCs. Sync is Windows and Mac based but I have a netbook that runs Linux in the form of Q4OS and they don’t have a native linux install but they do assure us that Sync works fine on Wine under Linux.

Wine is named as is traditional using a recursive backronym (See wikipedia) “Wine Is Not an Emulator”

It provides an API layer to allow many Windows programs to run under linux without usning a virtual machine. It’s under constant development because Windows is an ever changing target.


I knew of its existence but I had no idea how to use it in practice. I ran up the Synaptic package manager from the start menu and installed Wine on Q4OS. I copied the Windows installer for Sync on to a USB stick to get it to Q4OS.

Once things were installed I went to the start button at bottom left, it’s plugged in to the Windows key too for reference, and typed “wine” to see what had actually installed.

When you first use Wine, Q4Wine is the most useful utility to get going. Once you get used to seeing the Wine utilities you find your way around. In the system section are the Windows style utilities to navigate the pseudo Windows environment.

  • winecfg is the configuration utility for Wine, I stayed with the defaults which work OK so far.
  • wineconsole is a version of the Windows command prompt.
  • explorer is a version of the windows explorer that lets you visually navigate the windows environment.

The USB stick turned up as disk d: on the Wine explorer utility.

I used the wineconsole to navigate to d: and then executed the installer exe program.

Sync installed by downloading the program from the internet, then you can create an account or use an existing one. It creates a “Sync” folder in the windows environment in my user area.

That leaves two things that needed doing

  • Find out how to access the Sync folder from the rest of Q4OS
  • Make it run when the machine powers up

Accessing the Sync folder was straight forward. In my user area of Q4OS there is a .wine folder and the Sync folder is at:


Getting it all running at power up is simple too. Wine gets a bad rap sometimes for not running every windows program. That’s unjustified. The Sync program turns up in the run list of programs and looks just like any other program in Q4OS, so that makes life pretty simple for us users.

You can right click on the icon to copy an icon for the item to the desktop.

The Q4OS forum helped out in this thread

Open a Konqueror window at /home/username/.q4data/Programs/Startup and then drag and drop the Sync icon from the desktop to the Startup folder. That’s it.

Because Wine is put together and developed by people with more brains than me, it lets us users treat the Windows programs the same as Linux programs.

Thanks to a lot of people doing great things my little corner of the world is back up and running.


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